No black gowns here

In the sepia days the pants traveled
Far and flung in bell shaped bottoms
And the sides burned on hairy faces.
The pants went yellow and jacket red
In tinsel romance to dark-lined eyes
Lowered in instantaneous modesty.
Movies flowed sweetly into weddings
That had no foretaste of black gowns.
A motor cycle sputtered with a train
Singing of the brevity of life, in sepia.


Being fragments we write a way
Unwilling to push to nature’s end
A light series of oil lamps seeking
An ephemeral existence by wind.
We do copies of deaths by wind
Of trees of birds in broken sleep
A moon fluttering on totem pole
A fragmentary moon of a dream
That is a figment from our sleep.
Copies are fragments of our lives.

A hole in our light

Lizard comes from below fridge
Into shadows of saved midnight,
Agreeing to disagree with stand.

Window is us and lizard in open.
The stand is fixated on its fridge.
Shadows are dynamic by lizard.

Lizard is dynamic for the insect,
Fixated on saved midnight light.
Window is just a hole in our light .

List of contents

All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated. . . .

—John Donne

All of mankind is one large volume.
Libraries give the living their chills
Floating away with entire volumes
Along with their common volume,
Their own chapters lost to floating
For want of proper list of contents.

Demos for their kratos

we are straw mountains to sky.
we hardly escape a day’s light
but turn golden brown to rain.
we are straw people escalating
A diet cola, to obese laughter.

we are demos, for their cratos
our thumbs illiterate, fungible,
eligible for mutual exchange.
our body is all – time fungible
with no color to it like a rupee.

Joker mirrors

You may now indulge yourself
A bit of verse ,private universe
And look at your self in water.
Let words touch ears creating
Other worlds, newer semantics,
Joker mirrors to break oneself
In weird ,implausible splinters.