Joint and several liability

Rosencrantz -Guildenstern is dead.
Jointly dead or singly is not clear.
We hypenate them in their death.
Each is nobody without the other.
They would better be dead jointly.

Liability is both joint and several
In this stuff, says this yada yada
We do not have glasses to read.
Suffice to say liability is limited.
All stuff is Shakespearely limited
An idiot’s tale, a sound and fury.

Intercranial stuff

We will now start learning to die,
By an unreal act of holding skulls
In conversations with our insides,
As rain falls softly on our nights.

By a deep drowning we negotiate
Our waters from a nobody’s earth,
A death fear at the bottom of love,
A tongue twister by illucid mind.
All skulls who have learnt to die
Must dispose of inter-cranial stuff.

Bleeding pockets

On the hills the berries would appear,
Time for you kids to bleed your palms.
Berries were yesterday’s moon-flowers
Their milk spilling like soft moonlight
Lightly sour but fragrance to memory.
The sun may slip and fall off the edge
He who had filled all the purple pride.
Hurry to bleed pockets but not shins.

Old corner

Abject we are in this old corner
At bottom of economy’s dogpile.
Our stocks fear a passing wind
Like w.p.i. ,weekly nonfarm rolls.

Term deposits are fixed stares.
As we stare, eyes turn marble.
Principal turns shrinking skin
Interest a sneeze, abject nose.