Loose sky

Since I came , stars have changed
A lot against the dark sky, behind
The well where the waters glisten
And rope and pail wait out a night
Ready to bring up the fallen ones
Shining by default in well waters
Dropped by a somewhat loose sky.

My fingers are tiny , not that pointy
For star counting and I often forget
Where I stop and where to resume
When I have to do my home work,
In between and run up to the roof.

Repeat stories

We were there another time
The old brick walls with moss
A flower creeper in crack sired
By a bird’s chance dropping
Or the terribly busy antlines
Crawling as if they were fate’s
Calligraphy on our foreheads
Across our skullplates, where
Stories are writ to repetition.

Uncle and nephew

While uncle was at it ,in his life
He had bitten his sarcastic lips
About the world and its maker
And you nephew were peculiar.

Nephew now asks uncle to wait
Till he reaches a house bottom
So they will jointly stare at sky
Making fine sarcasm together.

Five year roar

The beauty of a crowd’s face
Is no longer in the ballgame
When there is a moon in sky
Turning ugly when it is down.
It is in an electronic machine
Where all else is swiped off
Except the anger to shout no,
A roar heard every five years.

Augmented reality

Shards of sunlight play geeks
To a highly augmented reality
Beyond a table now grasping
A newspaper in its steadfast
Shadows trailing flying dust.

Light breaks ,ever so delicate,
On ice cubes of varying sizes
Formed when we were sleeping.
They will turn liquid shadows
Losing the reality of forming.

Greedy bones

A God’s forest burns some times
From human greed , love potions
Made thousands of miles away.
Leopards overflow from its fires.
Atavistic man chokes on smoke.

Fires make bones of them all,
Stripping their inessential flesh,
Their love and greed, leopards
Fleeing forest fires only to join
Many greedy bones on display.

(Forest fires are raging in the Tirumala hills believed to be a result of actions by red sandalwood smugglers with unknown motives)