Stocking up on luck

We would stock up on luck.
It grows wet on sea’s vapor.

The sea has so many inside
Who had stocked up theirs.

We saw Ridley’s turtle child
Had stocked up luck to live.

Adult crow had stocked up
On its luck and was waiting.


Rilke’s God

Our God goes on into the night
As darkness severs us from Him
And a light turns all faces exotic

But all faces putatively my own.
They are light inside darkness,
Rilke’s God who is wind in tree.

(Remembering Rilke’s beautiful poem People at Night)

Free masonry

We had approached house mason,
Who made eleven holes to escape.

A cloth made a hole each in throat
From which we freed our breaths.

We broke the houses of our  bodies
And freed all nothings from them.

We are grateful to a house mason
Who made our salvation possible.

( Eleven members of a family in Delhi died in a mass ritualistic suicide by hanging apparently to attain salvation. Their house wall was found fitted with eleven pipes opening outside )

Blue veined

After the sea there is dream wood
Which is in fact poem of the wood.

Adrienne is  usual rich in imagery,
A blue veined map of typing stand

When poet finishes with the wood
It is late report of wood-rich poem.

I return from the beach after froth.
On my keyboard is sea rich poem.

Here is my late report ,a sea poem,
Blue veined sea frothing at mouth.

(after reading Adriene Rich’s poem Dreamwood)