Upside down

Every time we pass the butcher
We thank our luck in stomachs

For his upside down carcasses.
A carcass hangs as former goat

With a tail to know what it was,
So we can thank god for lunch.

But we may not thank crickets
Who seem to sing funeral song.



With a sea before there is rust,
A bit of oxygen caught by iron,

In the signals of television dish
Where sits a crow for a morsel.

In afternoons, the eagle swirls
At the level of a thought space

In a rusting space of old crows
Awaiting   rusted turtle moms.

Below ,men rust losing oxygen
And dropping away , bit by bit

From a leafy organ in the guts
Through oxygen pipe to  nose.

All creatures shall turn  oxides
To drop away like window bars.



Open mouthed

When we see turtle carcasses
And dogs around nonplussed,

Turtles do not smell of death.
They just laugh open mouths

And the dogs are nonplussed.
Oh it is season of mothering.

The crows are single-minded
About a laughter of carcasses

And sure enough there will be
More turtles , more carcasses

And their laughter will go on.
Leaving the dogs nonplussed.

Beauty and fear

In the beautiful jungles ,little boys
Sleep in the thatched mud homes

On dreams of the phantom tigers
Who spring from night’s nowhere.

Here ,this man makes little houses
In plastic miniatures, in his garage.

We wonder if he can make plastic
Model of boy’s fear in mud house

Of phantoms from the dark jungle
Who burn bright in their shadows,

To such confusion you never know
When beauty ends and fear begins.


In all metaphors that come
Like the almond leaves fall

While seasons come and go
In the dream and soon after,

Sea sits calm and spread out
Below empty sky metaphor

Connects everything and all
And birds fly and disappear

Like the men who disappear
Seasoned like almond leaves.

Sea of sadness

Sadness continues with a sea
After sparrows in almond tree

A bearded beggar in a blanket.
Food left overs are sad in bins

After yesterday’s gorging girls
Who are sad in the night beds

After the sun who wakes them
To the school bus sad on tires.

The beggar still sad in bench,
The bench feels sad about sea

Near the big sad fish machine
And walkers sad about the day.

Sad morning continues to day
And crows sad about no turtles

And a sea rust sad in window
And sad coal dust in moisture.

Moisture is sad about rainbow
That left the sea sky yesterday

And a sea is sad in slow waves
With rocks sad under the moss

And sad stories missing in sea
After drowning of month ago .

Crows’ caws continue sadness
As the dogs are sad in the tails.