White heaven


I am thirteen and drink water
At six P.M. and go to my bed.
You will see me in white light.

I shut window and lie my self,
Drawing white sheet to chin.
Heaven is right up to my chin.

(A thirteen year old girl dies after fasting for 68 days as part of a religious ritual believed to be to bring her father’s gold business out of losses)

The dead feet



You go to the floorboard and the fire,
The door where the dead feet walk in

A mother who looked on at fireplace
And dad who bowed on violin string

And see yourself missing in the pants
Self that was unseeing of its little self

In tiny pants that held your small legs,
As you ran up and down like the moth

In the room, with its new born wings
Fluttering like child’s eyes of disbelief.

(After reading Thomas Hardy’s poem The Self Unseeing)