For a bird parliament they sit
On internet wire in a blue sky
Swirling briefly and returning
To make a point, bird by bird.

They hold out for a brief while
And vanish into the blue as dots.
No one knows where the dots go.

Boys were boys


Rabbits multiplied in books
And they were very jungle.
They had balls up in the air
Marbles down to earth pits.

Boys were boys in standing
Till the school bell quivered.
Boys had numbers by heart.
They had a world by heart.

Ask no body

Our old poems are intimations
Of mortality, of a flesh rotting,
Stagewise shows mimicing life.

Ask no body for whom it tolls
Wasting breath upon a poem.
Tolls are generic for all DNAs.

Intimations are mortal like us,
Our starred nights’ fallen dust
Settling down on an old earth.

Parvati’s vermillion

Next is already made in the empty sky
In the bloody vermilion of Shiva’s wife
Spread to dry to smooth husband’s life
Who determines all the others’ deaths.
I have to make up this grandma story
Who makes up like what the old God
Does each moment making up a next.


A peace of wild things shall prevail
With another summer coming on us.
Another summer’s wild things come
Floating as shadows in its rivulets.

Another summer will soon be on us
And it will occupy us in its shadows.
To the people who are asking next ?
We say another summer is coming.

Referring to Wendell Berry’s beautiful poem The Peace of Wild Things)

Rain bugs

The old poet is but a paltry thing.
His poetry is a coat in final tatters
That admit of much light and rain.

At the foot of comic stick hosting
His coat ,crawl red velvet coated
Creatures just out of the wet earth.

(Red velvet mites come out of the earth after a spell of rain,also named rain bugs)

Protected species

Girl’s braid is a full-blown snake
Smelling fragrantly of jasmines
And loved by a loving grandma.

Girl goes to school unlike other
Who shimmies on airtight rope
For family stomach,on the road.

Braids and grandmas are dated.
Let them remain in the ant-hills
Under wild life protection laws.

(watching a Kannada film Moggina Jade)

Hare krishna

The butter he had on lips was cloud.
You too would be cloud upon his flute
Its finger holes breathing your dance
Your eyes softly closed to the breeze.
You are not besotted woman by river,
Just a nut dancing to camphor flame,
No gender issues about the prankster
Who ate a muddy universe in mouth.

On a visit to the Arti ceremony in the Hare Krishna temple in Bangalore

Body grammar

As I am currently dementing,
I am free to forget grammar,
Why wind howls under doors
In houses that have no walls.

Our bodies too have no walls
And wind howls in bare skin,
Preposition being in the skin.
Dement is a intransitive verb.

Dementing what is question.
Sorry, we are forgetting what
But we have made it the verb,
A doing ,not a passive being.

New year meanings

New year for the woman was old smile
No additional meanings accruing on it.
Her dog sat before her , new year dog
Who is too hard of hearing to perk up
Her ears at crackle of calendar change.
No meanings accrued on recumbence.

But she would smile at fresh meanings
Accrued on calendar change over sofa,
And would stare on wall above the sofa
As if meanings spilled on its whiteness.