Not going away

Why bang the poor white wall?
I am not going away, not going.

I have arrived at new white wall.
White wall ,it is whole of a wind

The whole of some mind ,a wall
With the Khyber pass in its wind

So narrow that wind whooshes
As in a teeth gap of old intellect.

Unstuck in time

Stop in your tracks and everyone’s.
Freeze as you are, unstuck in time

Like white Himalayan snow caught
In the vortex of needles of pines

As sun that would unfreeze them
At next dawn, himself froze at dusk

A ball of snow that a white widow
Flung at man to freeze honeymoon.

Stop, bustling crowds in the streets
So you won’t vanish at the corners.

Old tool

That man from Stamboul cried
You took my wealth, my health.

He harangued thus to old tool
In a privacy of unzipped pants

In clackety clackety of old train
As his bushes went one by one.

He was fool in unzipped pants.
His was an old tool hard to pee

Under the pressure of a prostate
That is emptied of its old wealth .

(Coming upon a hilarious Limerick in Kurt Vunnegut’s engaging novel Slaughterhouse-five )

Pillars of our society

We are making our city’s pillars
For Metro’s future trains to pass.

And our pillars shall have trains
On them in an undefined future.

In interregnum , our young men
On their dad’s educated money

Shall drink a success full liquor
In drunk midnight to bang head

Against the pillars in the making
To come out as the meat of car .