The lion and Mrs.Lot

We look back like a forest’s lion
That looks at a passerby, bored

Except  statistic against its time
That grew away to a past space.

Lot went down hill as angel said.
His wife looked back needlessly.

Home is a hole that turned sea,
Her past is  sea of common salt .

The lion and Mrs.Lot are bored
Of  passer-by and the old holes.

Both are bored of looking back,
Their angels too bored to warn.

The lion has now entered  hole.
Mrs.Lot is already pillar of salt.



People are sea riding on waves.
There is nothing central to sea.

Statues are not men but things
That are not central to the sea.

Sea is history rising high in sky,
Not where statue finger points.

Poets are as central to people
As stone statues in city center.

(recalling John Ashbery’s poem The One Thing That Can Save America)