The body is whole in the world
And body parts are wholes too

Like for instance ,the eye holes.
Eyes are part that is also whole

They cry too much in their hole.
Too much light lives in the hole

Till eye-lids declare sovereignty
And refuse to shut out all sleep.

Green stick effect

Birches need to be subdued
And are to be kept straight.

Some boy had to climb sky
To make trees green sticks

Like little children’s bones
So they don’t break on fall.

If there is wind, they bend
But come back to standing.

A tree stood on our street
Some boy had not climbed.

Against recent wind in rain
It had no green stick bones.

(Reading Robert frosts’ poem “Birches” )

All is well

It is not to say that the plums
Have turned cold and sweet

A daily sun has eaten plums
For our tomorrow breakfast.

it is who had ripened them
And caused them to wrinkle.

There shall be no breakfast
There will be no tomorrow.

Just say all’s well that ends
And there will be no wrinkles.

(After William Carlos Williams poem This is Just To Say )

No more sea-sick

At Sunset ,you cross the bar,
With evening star and being

Put out to the sea’s vastness,
You turn no longer sea-sick.

Cricket creaks sunset of hill.
A pilot smiles from vastness.

Raise a  bar sufficiently high
To pass but make no speech.

( a self-elegy on the lines of Tennyson’s poem Crossing the bar)



We come here, on a bicycle
To address mock hectoring

From the pulpit of unbelief
Curious about another side

To address a pile of silences
Sitting on a dappled sunset.

Road is no road with gates
Bricked up and dog’s barks

Beyond window float away
On a wind promising rain.

(reading Philip Larkin’s poem “No road”)