Confused prayers

The trees have taken in new dawn
And they are awash with sunshine

The sun seems new sun after cloud
Of a recent sorrow touched a belly.

Sorrow confused us like rain moths
Embracing death on windowpanes.

New dawn’s sounds are confusing
Since they are indistinct mumbles

About gods living in clouds eating
Confused prayers to keep us fixed.



I jostle with men to glimpse God
As ants of men to a smiling stone

Where He is spread out in silver,
Camphor fragrance and flowers.

I jostle within ignorance and war.
It is like clash of ignorant armies

By night, in eighteen day old war
When God stood a man to fight.

This is darkling plain where sea
Withdraws by a climate change.

Spring thing

Time to think of a spring break,
As assortment of tender leaves

With new tamarind and jaggery,
Wee nipple size cuckoo mango

With fall of mango flower mist.
Let an autumn await its waiting,

Raising dog snouts of midnight ,
Speaking bleak verse of despair,

As yellow leaf awaiting its wind
Its sarcasm lost to youthful sky.

Let us pass yellow autumn verse
And ironies for this spring thing.


Grasshopper lands on my computer
Upon arthritic stick legs, jelly inside

Leaking a bit below wobbling knees.
It is typing a sonnet on my keyboard

A leak makes fourteen lines so hard.
Keystrokes are  surreal in midnight.

We replace kneecaps a surgeon says
Sadly ,we do not have old raindrops.

(Taking off on one of the stories from The Arthritic Grass-hopper by Gisel Prassinos)